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Paper machinery

In recent years, the paper industry is moving towards higher speeds and wider widths in order to increase production efficiency. In addition, in order to reduce downtime due to unexpected failures, the bearings used in paper machines are required to have a higher degree of reliability. The bearings used in the drying rolls of paper machines are exposed to high temperatures due to the passage of high temperature steam through the rolls. As a result, the bearings are subject to damage such as early stripping due to insufficient formation of the lubricating oil film, creep caused by ageing due to prolonged use at high temperatures, and cracking of the inner ring due to increased mating stresses caused by the temperature difference between the shaft and the inner ring. In particular, cracks in the inner ring can cause major accidents leading to production stoppages.

The pulp and paper industry relies on critical process machinery that often operates under harsh conditions, so bearing life can be significantly reduced and reliability is critical. With not only in-depth industry knowledge, but also a wide range of products and services for various applications of equipment to help improve productivity and reduce maintenance costs, to ensure productivity and profitability, pulp and paper companies need to focus on the correct bearing To ensure productivity and profitability, pulp and paper companies need to focus on the correct selection of bearings and carry out the correct mounting, lubrication, careful monitoring and maintenance required to achieve greater machine availability.

Using improved heat treatment processes to meet the needs of the pulp and paper industry, Industrial Paper Pulp offers bearing technology and services based on knowledge and experience expertise for applications in the heavy industry, pulp and paper applications for pulp and paper customers.

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