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Wind power

The wind industry is under enormous pressure to reduce maintenance costs and save money per megawatt hour by improving the design of wind turbines, enhancing performance and reliability at the same time. Wind turbine operators must ensure that their equipment remains operational for as long as possible, and due to the often harsh conditions, operating offshore, in cold climates or in remote areas, the performance and reliability of turbines is challenged, along with High maintenance costs and long lead times for replacement parts can have an impact on the competitive edge in terms of power generation, making it vital to use reliable components and adopt smart processes.

Special bearings for wind turbines require a high degree of reliability. This is because such bearings are designed on the premise that the windmill is guaranteed to operate for 20 years and, in the event of a failure, the components are not easily replaceable. Bearing manufacturers therefore require a high degree of computer analysis technology as well as superb skills in materials and heat treatment and, in some cases, test evaluation techniques for large bearings in kind. The main shaft configuration of a wind turbine is part of a geared, semi-direct or direct drive design and, whatever configuration is used, must be able to withstand axial and radial loads and to operate under the harsh conditions of constant change. We offer the right product for every type of configuration and turbine design.

We have worked for many years with leading OEMs to optimise wind turbine performance, reliability and power generation. We design and develop bearings, seals, condition monitoring systems and lubrication systems that contribute to more cost effective wind power generation and reduced lubricant consumption.

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