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Motor field

Motors include industrial motors, servo motors, stepper motors, inverter motors, explosion-proof motors, special motors and other types of motors, mainly with low noise, low vibration, low energy consumption and high efficiency. We have very mature technology in energy saving and low noise, and can provide solutions for our customers.

Motors are used as a power source in all industries, and they are the part of rotating equipment where more problems are reported in terms of reliability incidents. However, choosing the right bearing is not enough - how the motor is mounted, lubricated, handled, aligned and maintained is also crucial to its performance and longevity.

Our bearing, seal and lubrication solutions for application-specific motors help to improve motor performance, maintain equipment profitability and save long-term costs, reduce energy consumption, protect bearings from stray currents, improve speed and rotation control, help you improve motor performance, reduce maintenance requirements and extend service life, whatever your goals are, reduce friction, vibration and noise levels, improve operating accuracy, increase load Whatever your goals are, reducing friction, vibration and noise levels, improving operating accuracy, increasing load and speed ratings, using extremely clean steel and unique heat treatment processes, our motor solutions, products and services can help you achieve them.

“Specializing in quality, innovation, service, integrity, and efficiency has always been our company's business policy and philosophy.”

— Edwin Zhao

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